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Andrew Cummings - Wellfleet


Two decades in the shellfish and fishing business has found Andrew Cummings fully committed to growing the highest quality cultured Wellfleet oysters possible.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Andrew embraces innovation and adaptability. Frustrated with the acceptance of “That’s the way it’s always been” mentalities, often encountered in fisheries business- Andrew prefers to think, “It does not have to be the way it’s always been” – Regardless of the issue: marketing, environment, politics, etc., Andrew believes in being rational, open-minded and hard working.

Andrew spent an extended amount of time working within the Australian oyster industry. It was this period of time, he states, that was the most influential regarding his philosophy and work ethic now applied to his own cultured oyster business. “[in Australia] The unity amongst oyster growers, and the cooperation between regulators and the markets is inspirational”. Andrew maintains close friendships with the growers he worked with throughout Australia- From Queensland through Tasmania.

Throughout the 90’s to 2010, Andrew was also active as a seasonal charter boat captain/guide. At the helm in the North East and the Caribbean, Andrew guided client anglers to nine IGFA World Records. Since experiencing dramatic changes in fisheries throughout the globe, over the years, Andrew chose to not continue fishing professionally. He still assists with research and development consultation for some of the most successful manufacturers in the fishing industry – and contributes writing and photography for related publications.

When not on the tide – Andrew can always be found tending his gardens at home. An avid agriculturist, Andrew provides pesticide and fertilizer free produce for a select small group of local chefs and restaurants. Specializing in “high density/small footprint” farming, Andrew produces a variety of healthful and unique fruits and vegetables ten months a year.

Forever grateful for the opportunities that the aquaculture industry has provided – Andrew believes the future is looking good for the cultured shellfish industry, but stresses we must all play a roll to ensure its success. We must continue to apply best management practices, work with regulators and respect everything and everybody that we share our coastal communities with. As stewards of the environment and industry, we can and should constantly strive to improve ourselves, where we work & live and the product that we provide. 


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