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The Massachusetts Aquaculture Association, MAA, is a non-profit Trade Association formed in 1986. It's purpose is to promote the continued development of shellfish and fish farming, and to improve conditions affecting aquaculture in Massachusetts. The goals of this organization are to promote a high quality of aquaculture product, continue to grow a thriving aquaculture industry, develop and transfer technology and also to maintain an effective network between industry, government, and researchers. This organization is self-motivated and believes that the strength between the aquaculture industry and local and state governments is essential. Because of this strong relationship and understanding over the years there have been many legislations passed advancing the aquaculture industry. Every year the MAA participates in Agricultural Day on the Hill, which is held at the Massachusetts state house. This is a great opportunity for both the MAA and other Massachusetts run food companies and organizations to come together and spread both food and educational information. With this opportunity various members of the organization schedule meetings throughout the day with both representatives and senators where they discuss crucial information or legislation regarding the aquaculture industry. The Massachusetts Aquaculture Association is a important organization which brings together harvesters, fishermen, growers and wholesalers. These shellfishermen and finfishermen make up a large population of workers in Massachusetts and are vital to a growing economy. 

Industry News

 Read the MAA's response to the Popponesset siting controversy.


View the 2016 MAA Annual Meeting Agenda here.


View the latest MAA Bylaws here.



Vibrio Control Plan

Please visit information on the Vibrio Control Plan.

2015 Vibrio Management Proposal

MAA Proposed Revisions

March 26th Shellfish Advisory Panel Agendra


View the Vibrio Control Plan FAQ's here.


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Please move the google map around to view some important shellfish department locations. Our aquaculturalists line this coastal state all the way from the tip of Provincetown to the height of Gloucester.
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